Madonna Ciccone was born on August 16, 1958. Professionally known as Madonna, the American singer and songwriter gained popularity by being the kind of artist who pushes boundaries in musical content lyrically as well as in her videos. She struck as a hit on MTV around the same time that Michael Jackson was in fame; well they were contemporaries anyway, born in the same year. While thus reinventing her music along with her image, she is known to have maintained her autonomy throughout and that too in the recording industry. Madonna’s musical productions have been acclaimed to often induce controversy and yet, she has influenced artist all around the world.

Her Success  Story

Often referred to as the Queen of Pop, Madonna is also exceptionally successful in her career as a modern dancer. Having attended university at the Michigan school of Music, Theatre and Dance, Madonna moved to NY City to make her future career. After her initial performance with Breakfast Clubs, she got a contract with Sire Records and thereby released her first self titled album in 1983, which was followed by a series of successful commercial albums. She received the Grammy Award very early in her career and her songs topped the record charts, most of which were written and produced by self.

Madonna’s acting career also did enhance her popularity. Note, for example, her role in Evita(1996) for which she won a Golden Globe Award. Even her ventures into fashion designing, writing and film making all fostered her popularity. Madonna and her business womanly traits brought her unprecedented recognition as she happened to sign her famous deal called ‘360 deal’ which was worth $120 million, with Live Nation.

Near Immortality of Fame


Madonna has moreover been recognized by Guiness World Record as she did set the best-selling female recording artist record of all time. She also came to be entitled as the best-selling female rock-artist of the twentieth century while standing as the second best-selling in the US. On the Billboard list, she ranked only next to The Beatles, making her the most successful solo artist in American history of singles chart. Well, declared as the top-touring female artist of all time by magazines, she came to be one of the first founding members of the UK music Hall of Fame, being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as soon as she became eligible in age.

Admirable Artistic Fusion in Her Works

Madonna through the course of her career explored into a number of genres; spending a few years with each one of rock music, punk rock, disco and most of the music that came along. Pop-dance was one of those that she actually had a big part in popularizing. She incorporated all kinds of music ranging from the acoustics, and folk, and classical music to jazz, and funk, and R&B, and hip hop and gospel music, and electronic music in her records. Well, we did not know a person could embrace so many varied genres as well as personal partners in a lifetime. And yet she was one crazy artist who merged so much to create such phenomenal fusion in music.


Amazon’s Kindle e-readers are a boon for avid readers. It is like owning a big library to read any book of your choice. Once you own a kindle, you can access to Amazon’s huge libraries of books, titles magazines and many more to choose. Initially, it was a basic kindle without much features but as of now, it has upgraded its versions to world class e-readers for the comfort of reading.

Not enough with e-readers, it has developed tablets as well. As the popularity of Amazon’s e-reader grows, they have even developed the kindle apps to enable more people to have access to reading with their Smartphone or tablets. However, the big challenge people face is whether the apps developed is as good as reading in a Kindle e-reader. Obviously, kindle e-readers would outshine Smartphone or tablets in reading because the former is a dedicated e-reader whereas, smartphones and tablets have multipurpose uses.

What are the Best E-readers of Amazon?

Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage are the latest e-readers of Amazon and it stands out as one of the finest e-readers in the world. It has many features that make reading enjoyable. No matter whether you read in the dark or in the sunlight, it has no difference because it doesn’t glare your eyes. It is as good as reading a real book without strain of the eyes. It is a boon for those who do very long sessions of reading. Both the Kindles are excellent e-readers but the choice is individual’s preference. If you want to know the whole details of which kindle e-reader suits your choice, read Paperwhite Vs Voyage comparisons.

How Good is Your Smartphone to Read Books with the Kindle Apps?

As long as one is confined to reading in a room, I bet to say that reading is equally enjoyable with a Smartphone but there’s quite a lot of difference in reading outside. It glares and strains our eyes while trying to go through all the contents minutely. In kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Voyage, you will not come across such problems because it is made for those who love reading everywhere. Reading with a Smartphone is just an additional feature and though it does not read as good as an e-reader, it outshines an e-reader in most other areas. An e-reader is not capable of what a Smartphone is capable of performing. An e-reader and a Smartphone are two different things for different purposes and so one cannot compare it.

Make a Smart Choice of Your Gadgets

I have a Smartphone with kindle apps and I find reading quite enjoyable as long as I read in my room. Other than reading, I can do many other things with my Smartphone and so it is my choice to own a Smartphone rather than an e-reader. However, if you are an avid reader, there is no harm in owning both a Smartphone and an e-reader. Interestingly, an e-reader does a better job in reading than a Smartphone do. Click here if you want to know more about how helpful is an e-reader for you.

The Closing Lines

A Smartphone and an e-reader have its own merits and therefore the choice is completely the interest of the buyer depending on one’s requirements, needs and budget. If one can afford to buy both, that’s where the debate ends otherwise, I would prefer to own a Smartphone for its functionalities.


Once upon a time, Panasonic, Philips and Sony Mp3 players rock our world of music but not any longer, as it used to be because there are numerous gadgets with versatile functions that perform much better than MP3 does. Although it offers a pleasing listening experience for your ears, it forgets to give a treat to your eyes.

Top Features of Kindle Fire HDX Tablet That you Won’t get in MP3 

  • It is a tablet with a screen resolution of 1920 X 1200 and pixel density of 323 ppi. The colors are so vibrant that it almost appears real when you watch videos or TV channels.
  • You can do Skype video calls with the front facing camera
  • Social media network like Facebook and Twitter are integrated with the device and so you can always be in touch with your friends, relatives and family members.
  • You can read thousands of books with the kindle app
  • You can download and play games of your choice
  • You can fling the pictures or videos of your kindle to your big TV screen
  • It comes with a dual band and dual antennas and so you will not experience buffering or stoppage of videos

Yet, what is more interesting about Kindle tablet is the ability to stream millions of songs free of cost. You can download your favorite songs and watch offline where there are no internet connections. When you are done with music, you can play games, watch videos, or read books. Kindle is like a one-man army that does the job of a group of soldiers.

What makes Kindle Fire a Better Option Compared with MP3 Players?

The fun you get out of this device is unlimited whereas MP3 players are specifically meant for listening to music like basic Kindle e-reader, which is meant only for reading books. However, as we see in Basic Kindle Reviews, many improvements have been made in Kindle Fire HDX. It is like a small TV in your pocket that goes everywhere you go and enjoy movies, videos, TV channels or stream live music of your choice any time. Not only your ears but also your eyes get a treat by watching and listening to your favorite star on this device. It’s time for you to experience a true surround sound from Dolby Digital sound system.

Why Kindle Fire HDX Tablet and Why not Other Gadgets to Entertain You?

Yes, there are many other good gadgets as well but most of them don’t offer the features like Kindle does to entertainment you. If you become an Amazon Prime Member, you will have thousands of TV channels to stream. Like the advantage of a big TV screen at home, you will have the advantage of kindle to take it along with you anywhere. Why should you still cling on to your old MP3 when there are better features in Kindle HDX? Kindle tablet is fully loaded with features that you won’t get in others but it comes for a price.

Michael Jackson, born in August 29, 1958 was a popular American singer. He was also a songwriter, dancer, record producer, and an actor. Known as the one King of Pop, he made exceptional contributions to music & dance or rather dance-pop, Who can beat his dance moves, who can be as original as him? His personal life was so publicized too and that was probably what globalized his figure even further until his death.

Professional Life

michael_jackson_early_lifeHe stood as the 8th child among his siblings and the Jacksons family, being a very talented family of singers, had young Michael make his debut performance in the year 1964. And because he began his professional career as part of Jackson 5 (along with four elder brothers; Marlon, Tito, Jermaine, and Jackie), he started a solo career soon enough in 1971.

And by the early 1980s, he had become a prominent figure; his music was very much part of popular music. It was in fact his unconventionally novel and thrilling music videos like those of ‘Thriller’, ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Beat It’ that made a breaking record; breaking down even racial barriers. Another extraordinary feat is that his videos’ popularity in fact popularized MTV when it was still at a relatively young. And other videos like ‘Scream’ and ‘Black or White’ forged his touring career which simultaneously innovated MTV’s reputation as a medium along with his own.

Well, of course, we know how he did all the popularizing quite effortlessly or seemingly so. It was his popular dance moves which has gained him tremendous prominence worldwide. There was a kind of mania for his sophisticated dance moves and techniques like the moonwalk and the robot that he developed, named and popularized. His fans swarmed in huge crowds when he gave live performances; the excitement over his unique style was so immense, that he managed to influence numerous other artists too.

His Ultimate Success

micheal_jackson_successJackson’s artistry showed in his distinct style and sound; his bestselling albums like Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) are all time big sellers worldwide. He is known as one those artists who had exceptional vision in his art; his vision of course always had to be primary in all his works produced. And ain’t they all amazingly good? He is one of the few outstanding artists who were inducted into the Hall of fame for rock and roll twice. The reason being that he was one of those exceptional dance-pop artists who made multiple achievements in the international front winning a huge score of awards including Grammies, Guinness World record titles and American awards for decades.

Recognized as one of the most awarded artists in popular music’s history, Michael Jackson also happens to have a record setting popularity of having a top single in the Hot 100 chart for 5 different decades. Jackson also was honored for his humanitarianism and recognized for supporting thirty nine charities, much more than other celebrities.

Controversial Aspects

Michael Jackson’s personal life attracted a lot of attention owing to his change in appearance and other personal relationships which also generated a considerable amount of controversy. It was in the mid 90s that saw him through a lot of depression for he was charged with a number of accusations regarding child sexual abuse. The allegations were further acquitted in 2005, which however had to end because he was not found guilty on all accounts. A couple of years later, while he was preparing for a comeback concert, ‘This is it’, he passed away due to a cardiac arrest. The singer’s death triggered a mass outpouring of sorrowful emotions all over the world. He did leave a legacy that no one could beat. After all there cannot be another MJ; everyone is unique and original in their own way. It’s funny though, the world that showered him with titles including ‘Artist of the Century’, was also the world that accused with all the false allegations.

Technology is so advanced today that shopping for the best cooktop may be a big headache because of the varied brands and types of cooktops in the market. In order to avoid such headaches, it will be good or may be helpful for you to go through a few important tips on what to buy and choose for your kitchen.


The first thing you should keep in mind is your budget because there are hundreds of brands from the lowest to the highest price. If you have set the budget, one of the main problems in choosing your cooktop is solved. There is no need for breaking your bank account just to buy a cooktop, which cost you four to five thousand dollars. Instead, look for the one that satisfies you within your budget.

Types of Cooktop

The second important thing is the type of cooktop you would like to make an investment. As mentioned earlier, it is not an easy thing to choose from various types of cooktops displayed in the market for sale. There are gas, electric and induction cooktops with multiple functions. Each of them are unique and have their own merits over the others.


The third important thing is your requirement or needs because there are cooktops with a single burner to five burners and in some cases, there are even eight burners for commercial purposes. If you have a small family of three to four members, it is a waste to buy cooktops with four to five burners. It is also important to know what type of food to you commonly cook or like. Different cooktops have different good things about each other. You have to see whether any particular cooktop is of priority over the other depending on your convenience.

Now let us narrow down our choice and preference by having a look at how each of them functions.

Electric cooktop:

Electric cooktops are very simple to operate and it does not cost you a lot. It does not have open flames and so there is comparatively less risk of fire in the kitchen. It is very difficult to keep the coils in one level and therefore, it is uneven in distribution of heat. Cooking food with electric cooktops need to keep on sliding from one side to the other due to uneven heat distribution. One of the drawbacks with this type of cooktop is that it is slow to heat and slow to cool as well. In some cases, many might prefer this cooktop for the cheap price and easy maintenance.

Gas cooktop:

Gas cooktops are known for the uniformity of heat distribution for cooking the best food. It has open flames and this flames burn round the bottom of the pot uniformly. Therefore, food cooked with gas has a better taste. The output of heat is measured in British Thermal Unit (BTU) ranging from 5000 to 17000 BTU depending on the type of burners. If you have a small family, you may choose smaller range of heat distribution for your needs. The disadvantage we have with this type of cooktop is the open flames, which may cause accidental kitchen fire during leakage of gas. However, the good point of using gas is that it does not require electricity, so whenever there is outage of power, it always has the advantage over the others. It is very economical as well in places where natural gas is quite affordable.

 Electric smooth top cooktop:


Glass ceramic smooth top is a newer version of electric cooktop with a better functionality than coil electric cooktops. It comes with a built-in sensor to indicate that the smooth top is still hot. Many people prefer this rather than coil electric cooktop because it is smooth, shiny and sleek in appearance. However, one of the disadvantages of this cooktop is that it gets scratches very easily. Therefore, cookwares, which are made of iron, stone or glass is not very appropriate. If you use this type of cooktop, you have to take extreme care not to drag the cookware, which sits on the cooktop. The second important note for you is that you should never let your cookware boil dry on the stove top as it may melt and get bonded with the glass. Compared with the older version of coiled electric cooktop, it is far easier to clean the smooth top. You also need to double check whether your house is wired to support 50 amps of power supply because it requires 50 amps to operate.

Induction cooktop:

While most of the cooktops transfer energy indirectly to the pot, induction applies heat directly to the pot using electro magnetism in the system. Most of the traditional cooktops have major flaws at one point or the other. In the case of induction, heat is generated in the pot itself and therefore there is uniformity in distribution of heat all over the pan. It is flameless and therefore it has very low risk of kitchen accidents. If you are new to Induction cooking you can start with Nuwave PIC2, one of the best portable induction cooktop out there.


There are cooking zones with magnetic fields beneath the cooktop and as such, only the area where there is direct contact with the cookware is heated and so the other parts of the smooth top remains cool to the touch. Moreover, induction cooktops are known for accuracy and speed in heating and instant cooling as well.  The control panel has many buttons for setting different temperatures for the kind of food you cook. From simmering to searing to boiling to stewing or grilling, you have all the options do it in any way you like. This latest cooking technology has outshined all other types of cooktops in the market. The traditional cooktops are inferior to induction cooktop for the feature it provides for homemakers and chefs. It is safer, more efficient, more accurate in temperature control, easier to maintain and simpler to use. However, you should know that it requires only cast iron or steel cookwares that attract a magnet. If it is not compatible, it will not work so don’t be disappointed when the need to spend extra dollars for the cookware arises.

Now, based on the information provided for an easy choice of the cooktop, you can go ahead with what to choose for your needs. All the advantages and disadvantages of each of the items have been highlighted for your convenience in choosing the right cooktop.


Musical devices and gadgets that are available in the market are quite competitive in terms of design, functions and price. People who are passionate about music will surely look for devices that will boost their interest and satisfy their hunger for music.

The Bluetooth wireless speaker is one of the top selling musical devices. There are varieties of speakers however, wireless Bluetooth speakers are frequently used and mostly opted my music lovers across the world.

Mifa is one of the famous and most reliable brands that produced excellent outdoor speakers. The F series speakers are very reliable, among them the F6 model is unique and worth investing for outdoor music. If you are a fan of Waterproof portable speakers visit for unbiased and detailed reviews.

What’s So Attractive about Mifa F6 Wireless Speaker? 

The Mifa F6 speaker is a high quality Bluetooth speaker with a rugged outdoor design, built with a high quality silica gel casting and covered by a dense metal mesh for port protection.

This speaker is water resistant (with IPX4 rating) and dustproof (with IPX3 rating) and shatter resistant as well. Therefore, it’s perfect for any outdoor adventurers like hiking, rocky mountain climbing and water adventures.

With Mifa F6 Bluetooth speaker, you will never run out of music. It has a solid battery backup for about 10 hours of playtime, with 1700 mAh. You can recharge the battery using the micro USB cable or via your laptop.

It uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for quick and instant pairing with other compatible devices. Therefore, it’s easier, faster and safer to connect and play your favorite music without any hassle.

You can play and listen to your favorite music through an AUX or USB cable, or pop in your Micro SD card or connect the speaker through Bluetooth.

One of the best features of this speaker is the auto shutdown facility after ten minutes of inactivity. This helps in saving the battery and unnecessary operations.

There’s a LED power indicator, which indicates that the system is connected and ready for pairing and playing music.

It is integrated with 1.5 inch double speaker, 3.5W speaker units along with a DSP sound chip and a bass radiator for producing a powerful sound of music.

Hands free phone call function is possible and quite convenient. Perfect for video conferencing as well.

The DSP 3D stereo sound is wonder and pleasing to our ears. This speaker produces crisp high end sounds with an incredible bass.

It uses wireless bluetooth technology for connection with other compatible devices such as your Smartphone, tablet and laptop etc. The Bluetooth range is about10 meters.

The Micro SD card playback supports 32 GB capacity, which is good and large enough for storing huge number of songs and music.

This wireless speaker is compatible and playable with file formats such as WMA, MP3, APE, WAV and FLAC.

This particular model – F6 is available in five different colors like Army Green, Red, Dark Blue, Grey and Black. You can choose your favorite color while placing your orders. The dimension of the speaker is 13cm x 5cm x 6cm.

If you are looking for a well built, rough and robust design bluetooth speaker with good quality sound, you must check this out and place your orders, to experience the pleasure of listening music.

With Mifa F6 Bluetooth speaker, you will always enjoy company of music.

Being designed for any weather condition, you are free and safe to carry wherever you go. It’s quite handy, portable and convenient to carry anywhere.

Pop music is seemingly derived from an abbreviation of “popular”, a genre which originated during the 50s and 60s, in the western world probably deriving from what is called rock n roll. The terms “pop music” and “popular music” may have often been used interchangeably, but the former in fact simply implies music that is popular.

So what exactly is pop music then?

Pop literally refers to being purposefully flexible. Well, we may note that pop music is not definite; it is constantly changes. The easiest way to identify pop music is to define them as the ones which are most successful on the music chart from time to time. Over the past five decades, musical styles that top the pop charts have obviously changed or evolved continually. However, there may be some consistent patterns in what people define as pop music.

Pop music is exceedingly eclectic, often borrowing different elements from various musical styles including rock, Dance, Latin, Urban and country. Well, there are also core elements that define pop, nonetheless. General characteristics like the short to medium-length of songs, basic  verse-chorus format or structure and repetition of  melodic tunes or choruses, and hooks are often what pop songs come out like.

Pop and Popular Music

It is palpable to confuse popular music for pop music. The musicologist’s primary reference resource New Grove Dictionary Of Music and Musicians, describes popular music as those since the industrialization of 1800’s i.e. most suitably in line with the tastes of the urbanized middle class population. This would include a wide range from minstrel and vaudeville shows to that of heavy metal.  But, pop music, has principally come into being as music that mainly evolved out of the mid-50s rock and roll revolution and has continued in much of a definable path till today.

Song Structure of Pop Music

Pop song is probably the most identifiable element in pop music. Because it is usually not written, recorded and performed as a symphony, concerto or suite. Like already mentioned the son usually consisting of some verses and repeated chorus or choruses is the basic format for pop-music.  The songs lengths are often range between two and a half, to five and a half, except for exceptional songs like the epic ‘Hey Jude’ by Beatles which lasted 7 minute. In most cases, when such abnormally long songs are aired on radio, are released by an edited version. Another example on the extraordinary side would be American Pie by Don McLean which was edited down to 4 minutes from eight and a half minutes. Later the pop songs evolved to as short a length as 2 minutes in the late 50s.

Point to note, pop music is a melting pot that assimilates ideas and element from country, rock, r&b, hip hop, punk, disco and even Latin music in the most recent times.


Pure Pop or Power Pop

So what about the particular genre in pop music which is claimed to be pop in its purest form? Some describe it as mixture of melodic pop with hard rock which tends towards the added aggressiveness. Well, power pop is also typical of short songs not exceeding three and a half minutes played with drums, electric guitars and bass along with very strong and catchy vocals and choruses, or hooks. The primary objective in pop music is more about pleasing the audience and not the art involved, because it is all about selling the most. Meant to be music most accessible to the widest audience.

Among the top power pop or pure pop artists of the past, the Raspberries, the Memphis and the Cheap Trick are prominent. In recent years, bands like Weezer, Fountain of Wayne and Jimmy Eat World have emerged to be the successors of classic pure pop.


A more exciting extension of pop music however would be the dance-pop genre, which managed to get worldwide attention from people of all ages. By people of all ages, I mean kids included, everyone love to witness the electrified dance that they performed. Michael Jackson is as you know, an exceptional example, just to name one. Overall pop music of course has worldwide appeal and you will not find many who would not know about pop music.


The electronic world is becoming more advance with the development of technology. How hard and challenging it was, to communicate or connect with people. Communicating with one another or to a group of people is getting much easier with the help of an electronic devices and digital gadgets.

Today, you can easily and comfortably address or entertain to a group of people with the support of a microphone. Musicians, singers, performers, speakers or public orators use different kinds of microphones or sound devices and systems to effectively communicate with the audience.

Microphones come in varied design, sizes and shapes. The headmic set is one of the most innovative and stylish microphones, that are frequently used by performers and singers around the world.

Sennheiser is one of the famous brands that produce highly powerful and reliable microphones of various kinds. The XSW Model is a special microphone designed for multiple purposes.

Some of the Outstanding Features of Sennheiser XSW 52-A Headmic Set 

The Sennheiser headmic microphone set fully equipped with an excellent true diversity receiver and a compact transmitter with the professional ME 3 cardioid headset microphone.

The transmitter features an illuminated mute button with available frequencies which is tunable in 25 kHz steps. The receiver will effectively minimize noise, and other interferences. The transmitter and the receiver are able to synchronize with one another, with the help of the remote channel.

It will effectively function for about 10 hours without any inconveniences.

This system runs with 24MHz UHF frequency switching bandwidth featuring 960 tunable frequencies, 8 frequency banks containing 12 coordinated channels.

This microphone set is easy to use and all in one package for public performers, singers, speakers and presenters.

The wireless headmic set gives you the freedom of movement for a vivid and impressive performance without any hindrances.

The synchronization of the sound is done via RF remote channel

It delivers outstanding sound quality without any compromise

The mute button facility is available on this set for full speech control

It gives you the comfort and handiness for hands free operation and movements.

The transmission range is up to 250 feet, which is more than enough for free movement on the stage.

You will require 2 AA batteries for operating this system effectively. The batteries are not included in the package, so you may have to buy separately.

The dimension of this headworn microphone set is 13.39inches x 13.58inches x 3.35inches and it will hardly weight about 3.59 pounds.

This headmic microphone set is available in black color, for any occasions.


Disco, a genre which contains elements of pop, punk, soul, psychedelic and salsa, most well known in the mid 70s onwards. Disco is a term derived from the French word discothèque meaning library of sound records but later came to refer to nightclubs. Initially, it was the club goers who made the first audience around the 60s and 70s. Disco is most probably a reaction against the dominion of rock music as well as the stigmatization of dance-music by the same during this time. Women too embraced disco, and this music eventually got drawn to many other popular groups of the time.

Bombarding Popularity

David Mancuso, a DJ from NY City could well be considered one of the forerunners of disco clubs. He opened a private club called The Loft in 1970 to which only members that he desired were invited or allowed at his home. Eventually, an article on disco was first written by Vince Alletti in 1973 for the magazine, Rolling Stones. The following year, the first disco show was premiered on radio.

By late 1970s, a good number of disco performers like Bee Gees, ABBA, Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, KC and the sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor, Chic and The tramp became well known. Quite a lot of critics seem to claim that Kraftwerk was an electronic band that played a huge part in pioneering electronic sound in Disco. Production techniques were also one primary role in disco and therefore we cannot ignore the fact that producers were as important as the performers themselves.

The obsession with disco was so much that scores of non-disco artists were seen recording disco songs especially at its height of popularity.  Film productions such as ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever’ also had their part in contributing to the rise of Disco in the mainstream.  Disco is considered as the music movement that was last popularized during the BABY Boom Generation. Well, Disco might have emerged into a worldwide phenomenon however the popularity had begun to decline in the US by late 70s.

Disco witnesses a Shunning Period

It was in mid-year, 1979 that an angry backlash in the form of a Disco Demolition Night. Subsequently, disco emerged into a genre that struggled to be aired on radio. Though a few disco hits still made its score, disco lost prominence in the following decade and therefore became unfashionable. Other identifiers like dance-pop and dance music came to be ones in trend. However, what was striking is that all of the new trends were only derived from disco, retaining the basic beat of disco. And yes dance clubs have retained popularity.

 But Disco Couldn’t Remain Shunned

And by 2005, disco witnessed a revival through exceptional artists like Madonna. One of her albums, Confessions on a Dance Floor emerged in disco style. And just like that, disco was back part by part without being too hurried. In 2013, Daft Punk and Bruno Mars soared up with their disco styled songs. Justin Timberlake and Breakbot were other artists nearest to the disco sort, who came to the top in the UK and US pop charts.

Looking back, that time when disco clubs were thriving, a cultural phenomenon of extravaganza, characterized particularly by the use of drugs and promiscuity did come into being. This trend was what triggered the backlash. But otherwise disco is one of those genres that thrive with booming popularity.

David Guetta & Kelly RowlandDance-Pop as we know was actually an outgrowth of popular disco. But over those pounding, beat of dance-clubs, there are catchy melodies – dance-pop do have more fully-formed track than the pure dance music form. Dance-pop is for the most part the producer’s medium because it is the producer who writes the song, constructs the track, and picks an appropriate vocalist. The dance divas of dance-pop may probably become stars, but in fact the artistic vision more frequently owes its credit to the producer. The few exceptional dance-pop artists like Janet Jackson, Micheal Jackson and Madonna have considerable control over the sound and direction of their records. Ideally speaking, dance-pop is music not about substance but about the images. Let us consider some of the most well received dance-pop collaborations we found.

David Guetta & Kelly Rowland (1990)

When Love takes over is the one track that peaked as one of the hottest tracks. The French producer David Guetta was introduced to a whole new set of audience, where there was this new surge for EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and an obsession was burning for DJs. It was with ‘Love’ that they to position Kelly Rowland was positioned high as a solo vocalist.

Delerium & Sarah McLachlan (1999)

Though it took the track till 2004 to peak,’ Silence’ on the Club/Dance charts, it eventually rose to a height that MacLachlan had never secured for her club tracks. It was also Delirium’s only hit in the US charting.

Calvin Harris & Rihanna (2011)


Calvin Harris the Scottish DJ created a global smash when he produced We Found Love with pop singer Rihanna. It sold over 5 million copies in the US alone and reached the top of the chart (Hot 100 chart) where it remained for a record setting 10 weeks. And that was the kind of love Calvin and Riri found.

Moby & Gwen Stefani (2000)

For Mobi and Gwen Stefani, ‘Southside’ made an astonishing hit by reaching the 14th place on the chart. Moby had never reached so far on the Hot 100 chart and what’s more it inspired Joseph Kahn with a fabulous music video, a mock-ghetto.

Chemical Brothers  & Q-Tip (2005)

“Galvanize” not a word we hear often in pop music, right? But Q-Tip did it again and sold it on a grand scale, that is probably the best contribution he made to the Chemical Brothers’ single.  A pastiche of hip-hop beats, string samples, & the Bros’ big trademark beat production. Producer Quest MC, the rapper who appeared on this dance track was the first Grammy winner for Galvanizing.

Oakenfold & Shifty Shellshock (2002)

Paul Oakenfold teamed with the rap-rock band Shifty Shellshock to make one his biggest hits. ‘Starry Eyed Surprise’ does surprise us with its effects-laden special video and reached No. 41 on the hot 100 chart. It can well be said, the track prolonged Shellshock’s musical life.

Skrillex & The Doors (2012)


We missed The Doors for about 30 years since their last singles and yet they made a prominent returned along Skrillex with’ Breakn a Sweat’. Well, the Grammy award winner also played on a quintessential dubstep track of Jim Morrison, crossing not just genres but generations too. Ray Manzarek, before he died in May, did sing the tracks and though it did not actually bring the band a reunion, he seems to have delighted in the fact that the singing would have been liked by Morrison himself.


Dance-pop is a genre that is making a big surge in the music industry and with pop-music or the so called popular music ever rising, dance-pop will surely pop persistently for generations with new beats. And however you like it, you can stay in touch with one of the most exciting new genres, dance-pop.